Fu*king severe constipation!!!

I am miserable y'all! I don't know what is going on. Only thing I can think of is the pressure from the baby pushing down is making it to where there is like a kink in my colon. The urge to have a bowel movement is so severe to where (TMI) I have to get into my shower and squat down really low cave man style, to actually be able to get enough leverage to push the shit out! I know its gross y'all but holy hell! After I can get the rocks out, I feel so much better. Then whatdayaknow! The next day gotta do it all over again. Its been like this for the last week. I'm due in a week and just want to go normal again... In a toilet! Sorry I made this somewhat comical but I'm totally serious. I've taken stool softening meds my whole pregnancy and I get very healthy. Idk what the hell is the deal. Omg and don't let me start on the hemmorroids!!

Is anyone else having this much trouble going number 2??? I don't expect u to admit to having to pick out ur shit but please y'all I need relief FAST!!