should I feel bad? Cut him off , he's crazy

I shouldn't but I feel bad because I've told a guy I was talking to I wasn't feeeling it. He's a physco ... We was speaking for a week and he said he loved me and he was ringing me at 4am screaming at me because I'm on holidays accusing me of stuff. He counts the time between I'm online and reply, counts how long I'm out for and didn't reply and makes me give a reason. We've spoke for a few weeks now and I've always said I don't like you because I don't know you prorperly, and we agreed to go on a date when I'm back. But in these weeks he's tried to tell me what I can do, I am single and on holiday. Saying I can't go out, I have to explain to him where I am, with who ect .. He rings me and messages me kicking of every day!!! Telling me he loves me and that I am his and I can't go even if I wanted too.. Tells me I can't talk to no one else that's make .. Like he put me off so much!!!! And I'll never be interested, I just told him and he's tried to make me feel bad . Like after to seeing how he acts before even meeting is weird. We've never ever seen eachother .  I never told him I like him but I spoke To him but he's abit scary and I have complete lost all interested in him. Should i feel bad for Cutting him Off ???