Would you consider friends with benefits?

So here's the deal, I went on a date with a guy I met on tinder. He's 35, I'm 26. Things went okay and he is a good guy. Only thing is, he doesn't want more kids and that is something that is huge to me since I do want more some day after marriage. 
I have been single for a while and you know a lady needs her lovin sometimes and sex toys just don't make up for a mans touch. Him and I were chatting and I told him I don't wanna start anything serious since we are on different pages in our lives. However, we started talking about the possibility of sleeping together once in a while. Also should mention he's had a vasectomy. I told him I would love to have sex with him since there would be no strings attached. I just invited him over for Friday and I am excited to get laid finally!!! 

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