am I pregnant?!😱

Tamara • Mommy to my 2 beautiful baby boys, Nathan Louis💙 born August 12, 2017 and Parker Joseph May 6, 2019❤️ My whole world😍
First time trying without protection and it's been passed a month since my last period! 2 days late so far, but my periods aren't always the same day each month. In April it was the 7th ended the 13th, in May it was the 5th ended the 12th, in June it was the 6th ended the 14th, and July it was the 13th and ended the 19th (I think July es different because of all the stress for my wedding that month. So I tested a couple days ago and within the time frame it only showed 1 line, but after a while it showed 2? and it's pink!! What do you all think? I'm really praying and hoping!!!❤️