Don't know what to do

My partners daughter wouldn't eat anything today after she asked to be given/brought it and then refused to eat anything for tea so I sent her to bed because she was complaining of being to tired to eat. So then my partner gets home and she gets out of bed gets treated like a princess and then gets dessert. This really annoyed me as she is always getting special privileges and my son does not and if he had not eaten his tea he would have been sent to bed. He is constantly over riding my divisions when it comes to her but if I do that for my son I get shouted at etc.... Any how tonight I said that this wasn't fair and that I'm the one who looks after her all week and I'm the one that's feeds her and that he is making it harder for me and that she shouldn't be having dessert and he started yelling and me and it ended in him screaming at me, shrugging me and throwing me outside and then he kicked me..... I'm pregnant and I'm scared that this will put too much stress on the baby

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