Foreskin facial cream?!?!

Brittany • Mommy to a wonderful 12yr old boy, 9yr old boy 7yr old girl 6yr old girl and 3yr old girl. Due March 11th 2023 with a boy.
Ok so I recently seen a thing where Oprah uses a skin cream that contains the foreskin of circumsized little boys. It's $260 an ounce. She says it's her "magic cream" I'm not against circumcision nor am I against intact. But I am against the cosmetic use of a babies foreskin. You or your insurance pay for the procedure just to have the hospital sell the tissue for a profit. It just doesn't seem right and is rather disgusting. This isn't a post to debate circumcision either. Whether your for or against it doesn't matter. No one is wrong with any decision they make for their little boy.