Am I being selfish? (Kind of long... Sorry!)

I'm 27 yo and am currently 39 weeks pregnant with my first child. My boyfriend and I live dead center between his family and mine (it takes approximately 2.5 hours to get to where we live from either location). His parents already made it known at their jobs that they will be leaving as soon as we call them to tell them it's go time. They check on us constantly and made it clear nothing is more important than making it to the hospital as soon as they can before their first grandchild is born. 
My parents? The complete opposite. I want my mom to be in the delivery room as she calms me down and I will be a lot less nervous with her there. When I mentioned it to her the other day she laughed at me and told me to not count on her making it to the hospital in time because she's got "a lot going on right now". She blamed it on me being "hours and hours" away and said I'm putting too much pressure on her to be there (apparently it's not fair to my mother that I want her and my dad to be at the hospital when I have their first grandchild). My dad won't stand up to my mom so he's going to let her dictate when they make the trip.
I'm so upset. My mother is constantly asking when we are moving back to my hometown because she needs to be near her grand baby, but her granddaughters birth isn't important enough to show up for? 
I don't know if it's the hormones or the fact that I'm so done being pregnant but I am completely heartbroken that my daughter's birth isn't important enough to my parents to try to be here. My mother has told me I'm being selfish and that expecting everything to revolve around me when I go into labor is rude. I don't want anything to revolve around me, I just wanted my parents here... Is she right? Am I being selfish?