High anxiety

Erin • Mama to 3 beautiful girls
I'm due in 2 weeks and I've been having horrible anxiety for weeks about my in laws coming to visit when I have the baby. 
I do NOT want them staying at my house after my baby is born. That's my time with my family. I told my husband that he needs to tell them that they need to get a hotel. I also don't want them hanging around 24/7, again it's MY time with my new baby, husband, and 4 year old daughter. 
I guess he was talking to his dad and his dad said he wanted to take us out for dinner while he was visiting so he could get a Reuben from his favorite place where we live. Are you kidding me?! I'm not going out in public days after I have my baby. 
Also, they smoke and i don't want that around my new baby either! 
I try talking to my husband but he can never assure me that things will go my way. He just gets really quiet, like he knows it's gonna go badly and just doesn't want to get me upset.