Inclusivity for other gender identities

Intactivist ❣️👶🏻AndyBoi • Nonbinary seahorse Papa 👨‍👨‍👦🌈😇 Proud intactivist - I support genital integrity for ALL sexes!
I am a nonbinary transgender man, assigned female at birth, but I have never felt comfortable with that label or role in society. My story of suffering by pretending to be what everyone told me is far too long and personal to post here, and I need not prove myself to anyone. However, I'm currently pregnant and dealing with a lot of anxiety due to my dysphoria and how others treat me with little respect. Yes, you read right, I'm a pregnant man. 
I'd like to start by saying this is one of my favourite apps for fertility/pregnancy tracking by far. I put off writing this because I was afraid of how I'd be received, but now it is too important personally to keep silent. I know I am not alone, as many transgender, intersex and gender variant people are choosing to be parents. 
Many trans people are told to "just deal with it because they are the minority", thus fueling my fear to stay in silent suffering, as well as the harassment I am exposing myself to by even saying I exist!
That however, doesn't override how important my community is and someone needs to speak up for including ALL people TTC. Yes, that includes a transgender man like myself in a "homosexual" or same gender marriage who can naturally conceive. 
I understand one of the reasons may be that it's extra work to add in more gender options or make it gender neutral for some who want that option. I don't feel comfortable to read the word female womanly lady feminine pregnancy every other word and title, and I'm sure others with gender dysphoria feel the same. 
It's currently a huge hurdle to getting healthcare and being treated respectfully by medical professionals already adding to the stressfulness of being outcast by society on TOP of being pregnant! 
I and countless other people would be ever so happy and appreciative to see their identities included, like an option to type in your gender identity or a drop down box at the very least. 
Lastly, this has actually caused technical issues due to the gender I correctly chose for myself on the Glow cycle tracker app. When I chose male, it locked me into the daily journal for cisgender males like the health of my sperm, which ha, doesn't apply to trans males like me. Otherwise I'd be forced into choosing female, as I had to on this app, which is emotionally upsetting and frustrating in and of itself. 
For more information on how to be inclusive and educate more than cisgender heterosexual people TTC, this is a wonderfully written resource I think all health apps should learn from:
Thank you so much for your time and considering people like me! We just want to live like everyone else, some of us feel the call to be parents, and we want to be included respectfully. ❤️😇