Bullying the Naturalist

What's up with picking on the mom who we know nothing about?
What's with the drama? 
What's with the bickering? 
What is all this noise?
We are mothers. 
We are role models. 
We are out futures hope. 
We are the future presidents.
We are the future leaders. 
Our seed may spread, 
But we cannot teach, until we learn ourselves. 
We are mothers. 
It is our responsibility.
It is our duty.
It is our livelihood. 
It is our choices that shape the lives of the future. 
It is my child that will lead in war. 
It is my child that will heal the wounded. 
It is my child that will dance in the rain. 
Come and be great, 
Come and be a mom. 
A mom who raises her young to fix the nation and heal wounded souls, Ambition to leave the world in a better place than that which we came. 
Come now, be a mom. 
Don't put your sister mama down, 
Raise her up. 
Keep her going. 
Remind her of the truth, of her strength, and her desire to make the world in a better state than that which she came. 
All mothers are beautiful, 
Let's not get caught up in who has the best pram and how pretty baby Sam's name is. 
Let's not forget that we didn't know the baby existed for a moment and something that intricate was going on without your knowledge
Let's not get caught up in how those stretch marks need to fade...when...
Sleepy baby wade had his first dream and his first smile, but mama missed it -to worry. 
To drama
To chaos 
To pain
To misery 
Misery will never stop loving company but when will we stop giving in?