We did it!

Raven • 21, happily engaged and expecting our little rainbow child!
I'm actually pretty excited to tell my birth story! 
I've had prodromal labor since 35 weeks and if there are any ladies out there who have suffered through it as well, you'd probably completely understand that a day shy of 41 weeks I was pretty over it. Today was suppose to be my 41 week appointment and we were planning on inducing because it got so bad (his little melon wouldn't turn because of my anterior placenta). I have birth at 9:35pm on August 21st! 
I had over 48 hours of intense back labor! As my fiancé and I were planning on using Sunday to get the house together just a little bit more, my water broke heading down the stairs to get started! We live fifteen minutes down the road from the hospital and by the time we got there it actually looked like someone turned on a garden hose and left it in my jeans. I had a constant stream of water leaking. The nurses said it was definitely the most fluid they had ever seen! I was checked at around 3:30 and I was at 7cm, compared to the 4.5 that I was at the day before. Because of how intense my contractions were, I wasn't able to get any medicine, so we did without the whole time. Four hours later I was 8-9cm and feeling the urge to push which, to my surprise, I was allowed to follow my instinct and push instead of waiting until 10cm! 
Two hours of hard pushing later and my little chunker was born! They guess he was 7-8lbs and really he was 9lbs 5oz and 20in long! 
I tore from v to b, but only managed a 2nd degree laceration. 
I'm quite proud of my rainbow baby!