Is anyone else hoping they don't poo themselves

Steph 🌸 • 22 in a relationship for 6 years x2 miscarriages x1 beautiful daughter 18 months old and I'm pregnant with hopefully number #2 so over the moon
Ok so I know it's heaps common to use your bowels during labour my sister did both times as it's natural with all the pushing ect well I was lucky with my daughter and didn't she came at 37 weeks 2 days idk if it's because she was only little (6lb 9) or if there was just nothing in there lol well anyway I'm hoping I don't again! With my daughter I ended up on the bed on all fours with a bean bag and it was so much easier (due to back pains I had my entire pregnancy) and well I want to do that again but I'm actually worried about using my bowels I think I'm more worried about that then the actual labour am I weird?