Terrible Monday

🦄 • 💙 Ryan Grant 💙 10/31/17-11/03/17
Started having bad leg cramps on only my right side no abdominal craps Saturday at 7 weeks 5 days then started spotting. We went to urgent care Sunday and they did a leg ultrasound to make sure it was not a clot. That was negative. Had 600 HCG. Woke up in the middle of the night with really bad pain only in one spot on my right side. Husband made me go to the ER today. We were worried it may be an eptopic cause I had cramping only on my right. They tested HCG again and the levels were down to 300. They did an ultrasound and there was no baby. They told me I was in the process of miscarrying. Got home and immediately passed the gestgestational sac and placenta. Feeling better now. Just a bit sad. Hope we have better luck next time. Good luck to the rest of you April Mom's out there! 😚