Need positive vibes

I recently got married on June 10, 2016 and found in July that I was pregnant. Our relationship started having issues right before I found out we were expecting. The issues were because of his family and ex girlfriend which his family has close ties with mind you none of his family have taken time to get to know me. Long story short he filed for a divorce and moved out last week and I suspect he's moved with his ex but yet tells me he's confused not to mention we've been best friends since we were 14 so now I feel like it was just 18yrs thrown away I didnt just lose my husband I've lost my best friend and I have all these emotions going on I wake up and ball my eyes out my appetite is altered because of my mood so force myself to eat Im angry and hurt beyond belief I literally dont have the urge to do anything Ive never been this emotional my whole life and I feel like my happiness and joy have been stolen. How do I get over this at least for my unborn baby I know these feelings aren't good for the baby