Prayers 4 Me please😔

Usually when I end up in the hospital I am racing to the door when they say I can leave. But this time is very I sit waiting, with tears coming down my face, dreading the doctor's arrival in my room to discharge me. That's because I have to go home today, but my baby has to stay here in the neonatal intensive care unit. Brayden has been having trouble since birth keeping his blood sugars stable on his own, so he needs the assistance of ivs. I'm so heartbroken and distraught. How do I just walk out of here without him?? Kamaria hasn't even met her new little brother yet bc of strict nicu policy. This doesn't seem real. I am thankful that he is healthy for the most part, because yes things could be much worse. But it's just so unfair! Please keep our son in your thoughts and prayers for him to be able to come home soon and be in our arms, where he belongs.