So worried!

Hi so last week I received my bfp, all 9 of them. Yes I did 9 hpt's Myself and my husband were so overjoyed and so excited af was due Friday and no sign even better I taught I was having lots of pregnancy syptoms, and I started to believe yes this time it's for real making plans in my head and just so happy. This morning i got up and went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was blood, brownish but more reddish As you can imagine I was so shocked and started to panic. So as soon as the doctor opened I went and got bloods drawn she told me she was treating it as a threating miscarriage. I have to go back Thursday and get more bloods drawn and then the doctor will know if my hcg levels are rising or not! I have had some blood today when I go to the bathroom but nothing heavy nothing to fill a pad (sorry tmi) and slight cramping nothing too painful. So I guess I'm just wondering has anybody had this and gone on to have a successful pregnancy. Feels like all my hopes and dreams are fading away.😢😢 Any advice would be great thank you ladies xxx