Can Late pills lead to pregnancy?

My period is due this week. I had sex 2 weeks ago, no condom. I took my pill 2 hrs late after we did it. Then normal time the next day. This has been done before and I was fine. Then I went on vacation for a week and wasn't home a few nights to take it on time so I again took the pills later but not missing them. I did miss one but took it at 6am the next day and then again at the normal time. Again late pills but they were taken, not missed and now I'm waiting for my period. It feels like it's coming because I have cramps and im pretty bloated and my boobs are sore but these are also signs of pregnancy. I have very light discharge that won't make it on my pad but will come out when I wipe. Do I just sit tight and wait? I'm on my third day of my period pill week. Also, I can't be pregnant. My parents will kill me and I'm in no way able to support the kid. I'll be 20 soon too and I go back to school in a few days. Please help!!