TMI!!! Had intense sex with my husband 💦


I'm dying to tell somebody because I just had the best sex eveeerrrrrr!!

My husband and I had just gotten into a fight, I went and took a shower then decided it was best if we left each other alone so I just went to bed. About 15 minutes after laying there, browsing the Internet, my husband comes in, pissed off, flings the covers back and acts like he's going to sleep. He says a few mean things to me, telling me to go away etc. but I totally ignore him cuz I'm trying to keep the peace at this point.

Eventually, he gets up and starts looking around the house (and if you know my husband, this is a common occurrence, he loses everything) he finally comes back to bed with a small paracord rope and starts immediately tying my hands up and tells me that "this is what you get if you're not gonna go", and when he says that I'm suddenly soooo turned on. He never does stuff like this, he knows I like it rough so he knows what he's doing to me.

He ties my hands to the headboard and puts my blindfold over my eyes. He never took my clothes off so he just pulls my shirt up and unhooks my bra but just has to leave it on due to the fact that im tied up. He rips my leggings and panties off and starts ravaging me, licking me, kissing me, and sucking all over my body. He's twisting me into positions I've never been put in before and it is MIND. BLOWING.

He flips me onto my stomach and starts slowing licking from my clit all the way up to the top of my ass and DAMNNMNMNNNNN his beard rubbing all the way through my ass crack drove me absolutely insane! He licked me for a good few minutes and I began to shake and shiver so basically he fucks me until I come because he couldn't hold off any longer but WHAT THE FUCK. So out of the ordinary, so hot, and SO ROUGH I wanna do it again!