So my son was born 8/19 , ever since I found out I was pregnant I've always wanted to breastfeed because I know how helpful it is to the baby , but since he's been born he's having the hardest time latching on to my nipples because they're flat , I'm trying and trying but everytime he screams because he's so hungry and not getting the hang of the milk from my breast , I hate seeing him cry so I just give up and give him formula , I'm assuming the reason my nipples won't get hard enough is because I had nipple rings before I got pregnant and that may have hindered them from getting hard enough for him to latch , I really don't want to give up but I hate seeing him cry , my milk is producing enough just can't come out because of my nipples , and I've tried pumping little to no help , please any advice moms , I don't want to give up but idk what else to do I'm a ftm