Telling SO about our rainbow baby


Hi Ladies!

I miscarried in July and we are ttc this month for the forst time since then. AF is due on Sept. 9th (Im on my fertile week now) and Im nervous to even test on that day because I dont want to go through that heartbreak again of hearing that i lost my baby or the disappointment if i get a BFN but k owing myself I wont be able to wait to take the test. A few days ago I asked my hubby if he wanted to know as soon as i find out or if he rather wait till after i see the dr and make sure all is well. I miscarried at 5w and my regular confirmation appt turned into my follow up :(. He said he rather wait which i totally understand. Our anniversary is on the 25th so if we get our rainbow baby this month i plan to tell him then but im trying to find a cute way to tell him and one that is meaningful after our loss. Anyone have any ideas? I had our son wear a shirt with the baby we lost and would like to find something different this time around. Thanks in advance :)