Formula problems

My 3 week old has been on Enfamil Gentle Ease for 3 days now. He was on Enfamil newborn for 3 and had same problems as now. He's had two bottles a day the rest breastmilk. We're trying to switch to just formula. Anyways, after he drinks the formula he spits up quite a bit, cries a lot, wiggles a lot, only poops once a day, tries to poop but can't, doesn't sleep, and is just so fussy! :/ I guess I should give it more time right? Also, gas drops and gripe water don't really work. I was thinking about trying Gerber soothe colic drops. I haven't decided yet. I want to get opinions on it. Also they say FF fed babies sleep better. Nope not my guy. Might be bc he's adjusting?!