NEED ADVICE: Husband won't do IVF

Ladies, please please give me your advice here.
Some info: I'm 36 ttc for baby #1 (we met later in life) we both want kids and he's always known the reason I broke up with my ex is because he didn't want to have kids after 8 years of being told that "next year" would be better, and then one day he confessed he didn't want any at all.
Anyway, we're now on month 17 of ttc. We've been diagnosed with "unexplained" infertility. I say it's time to go for help (<a href="">IUI</a>, invitro) money is not issue as we can afford the treatments, but he flat out told me today he's against <a href="">IVF</a> or <a href="">IUI</a> because they are "unnatural" 
This is the first time we've ever discussed treatment options for infertility, we just kept praying it would happen even if it took longer than we hoped. I'm BEYOND upset. I think he's being a selfish a hole for saying this. 
I told him this is a bs excuse as I wear glasses, is this unnatural? His dad is going through chemo, is that unnatural?!
If we get a cavity , isn't a filling unnatural?
We have the resources and financial means to get help so why not?! I've decided that I'm going to give it to year two of trying and if it doesn't work for us then I may have to go at this alone. 
I ADORE him with all my heart but my desire to be a mother is stronger than my desire to be a wife. I feel like a terrible person but my window is closing. I know a lot of you will ask why don't we just adopt, but I feel that I'd be open to that IF we exhausted our options to have a baby naturally. As happy as I am in my marriage (which we are!!) this is an absolute deal breaker as I feel betrayed by him right now. 
Please tell me ladies, what would you do?