Can I wear my wedding dress?

So my wedding plans have fallen through (long story, different post), and now my fiancé and I are planning to just elope. We want to go to a beautiful state park and get married there with just my fiancé's mother, father, and sister, and some friends. 6-7 people total. No decorations, wedding party, or any of that. However, I had already bought a wedding dress and I think it is just absolutely beautiful. My problem is that it's  fancy, like with a train. And now my budget is too small to get it altered, and tbh, I don't really want to. Will it look stupid if I still get super dressed up and makeuped and everything like I wanted to for something so small and simple? I was really looking forward to wearing it. Idk what to do. People keep telling me that I should just buy a simpler dress to elope in and sell my first one. What should I do?