breast pumping mommies


let me start off by saying what a freakin job exclusively pumping is! Hats off to all you mommies who are BF, pumping, or both!!

yeaterday I was 100% done and decided that I was going to switch to formula. After having blisters, bleeding, and just a general rough time pumping I thought I was done! I was using a lansinoh BP.

Well today my hubby finally caved in and bought me a medela freestyle!! omg, what a difference! I pumped twice as much in half the time with no pain! I couldn't believe it!

i received the lansinoh BP from my sister in law,who just couldn't produce any milk unfortunately. So we figured we'd just sterilize and use that since the medela was nearly 400$.

Now I am so excited to continue pumping for my LO and actually enjoy my pumping sessions!

so mommies who are using lansinoh I suggest trying out medela!!!