Feeling Low

Pebbles • 27/ IUI Boy Mom 💙 9/18 and baby #2 due April 2020
My hubby and I have been TTC for almost two years with zero luck. Doctors said I check out fine, his swimmers are awesome! I havent told my mom because I want to suprise her, I know she would be STOKED to be a grandma! Im not really lovey dovey towards kids that arent in my family or close to me and that has translated to my mom as "She doesnt like/want kids" apparently! Today she said since I get regular cysts and heavy periods that I should talk to a doc about getting a hysterectomy (she got one due to cancer). "You know, since you dont want kids!"....little does she know I've been a mess every month that Aunt Flow comes because I so badly want a baby. I dont want to tell her because I still want to suprise her, but her quips are getting to me </3