Big belly bump

Is anyone else wishing they could hide their belly bump now that there's no way to hide it? Earlier on, when no one could tell, I wished I was showing. I'm only 27 weeks but my belly is quite prominent now. I work in customer service and every single person I help asks when I'm due then gapes at me when they find out I have 3 months to go still. Many of them even remark on how huge I am for only being this far along. I have been asked multiple times if I'm sure I'm not having twins. I even got asked once what the doctors say about how big I am this early on. People are so oblivious to the effect that has on a first time mother. Then I start worrying that maybe I am too big. Maybe my baby is going to be huge and I'm going to have a horrible time in delivery. I just wish I could hide it so people will just stop talking about it!!