Venting. Advice or kind words welcome


Having PCOS is so emotional. I am on here everyday and love to see women getting a positive test but in the same breath jealous. Only because I really want a child. Like now. It seems like some women who are not worthy of becoming a mother fall pregnant so easy & "by accident". But the ones who try and try , pray and pray have such a hard time.

I'm 21 and have been TTC for 8 months BUT nothing yet. Not sure if I even ovulate due to my PCOS. My boyfriend always talks about a baby, touches my belly and all. I just wish I was just pregnant already. I don't have the insurance right now to go see a Dr & nobody stressed to me how important it was to see the dr about this. Now I feel like I won't conceive. We are moving in our own place Friday and I am going to change everything about my diet & everything to lose weight to help.

Last month the hospital gave me birth control to stop the heavy bleeding I had for 2 months. Now I am on the period week but no more birth control. How long will the period last? I just don't know what to do right now. 😔 I just want one healthy baby. That's all I ask for.

Sorry but I needed to vent. I just feel like my body hates me. 😔