Birth control after baby..

So me and my husband have been watching this show that has A LOT of nude in it ;) and we love it. And I think it completely changed our sex life.. Call me crazy! Lmfao but we started in yesterday and he's been all over me and I've been all over him. Plus my sex drive is back finally from being pregnant and giving birth almost 2 months ago.. And I'm really scared were gonna get pregnant again because we keep forgetting to buy condoms (we hate them, and we keep saying we're done having sex until I'm on birth control) and my pills haven't came in yet. Anyways.. My question is.. Idk if I want to do the insert or the pill with my history of ovarian cyst.. And I lost my left ovary.... Any suggestions? And before I had to be on the pill but it took me awhile to find one that worked for me and I forget what it was called.. And I'm breastfeeding if that helps