He had his own plans

Kaitlyn • Due August with my baby boy
I was due August 24th, and went in to get checked on the 23rd. I hadn't made any progress. My doctor then scheduled an induction for August 30th. We really hoped I'd progress fast and he would decide to come on his own. Well August 29th rolled around and I went into the hospital around 10am because I was leaking some liquid. It turned out to just be watery discharge. Bummer. Got checked for contractions... Progress... Nothing but I went from 1.5cm to 2.5. I got home and started to relax and get stuff ready for the next day. All of a sudden at noon I started having this weird light pain in my stomach and back. I noticed they started getting more intense so I tracked them. They went from every 20 minutes, to 10 minutes, to 5 minutes and less apart within 3 hours. At around 6 I could no longer handle the pain, so we went into the hospital. I was admitted and in labor! I got my epidural around 7-8pm and ended up sleeping until 7am. They came in and checked my progress and I was 9cm. My doctor then came and checked me at 7:45am, and I was ready to go! I started pushing around 8:15 and had my perfect baby boy August 30th, at 8:52am. 3 hours after I was scheduled to be induced. And I did it without pitocin.  Not a single sign of labor, no old wives tales worked to get him to come, nothing! He decided it was time so it happened. 8lb 10oz 22.5" long. 100% perfect.