Need to vent about SO!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

So yesterday I got home and found a napkin full of cum in the trash can! (I was not looking threw I went to throw away items and seen it!) so anyways I go completely ballistic because he jacked off when he got home I was so pissed I haven't got that mad in a long time! Story short his sis came over and I told her what he had did since he wanted to call her over and imbaress me!!! 😡😡😡 so anyways we start basically rescaling alll over everything! He apologies I'm like what ever but my point is we been trying ttc for 9 months now and he has the nerve to jack off?? Should I be mad? What did you girls do? I get it it's a guy thing but why did I get so mad?? I just left my fertile window and ovulation was yesterday weve been having sex that whole time! Is there something wrong with me??? What am I do wrong pleeeeeaae hellp!