Over the pain.

Sorry just need to vent. Past 5 days I haven't been able to sleep have constant dull back pain that will not give me relieve no matter if I sit up ,lay down, or take a bath/shower. I contract still or my stomach gets extremely hard I cramp. If I try to turn to get comfy I can't my pelvis pops. I want to cry because I can't do anything about it and I know the hospital wouldn't do anything about it. I see my doctor today I know she can't do anything about it... I have to tough it out idk how much longer I can take. I've even tried taking Tylenol. I've tried walking... I feel like no matter what it's not going away. Even when i try to nap during the day mt back is still killing me and I can feel the contractions. I havent progessed in dilation since my last doctors visit I doubt I am now. Any one else experiencing this?