Should I stop having sex?

Hey everyone! So last night around 9-10 hubby gave me a message for like 20 minutes which lead to another type of message lol but anyways it was awesome I needed it and felt amazing both messages well after that of courses got all cleaned up and was very relaxed went to bed.... Around 1 am I woke up with severe body pain almost like the flu but what hurt the most was my groin and vag area I mean even my booty hole hurt (was not used at all lol) I got up to use the bathroom and OMG I felt like the baby was going to fall out so bad I had to squat for a while before I could move or walk anywhere. It scared the crap out of me!!! Now I'm afraid to have sex again allthough it's healthy towards the end of pregnancy for easy labor. I'm 35 almost 36 weeks. What would you do???