Possible TMI - Diarrhea

Christina • SAHM to 2 boys; Hairstylist
So I'm fairly new to endo; I mean I've had it for a while but was diagnosed during an exploratory lap surgery for another uterine issue. Anyways, I'm not well versed in all things endo so I'm hoping maybe someone here has experienced this. I've begun to notice that each cycle during ovulation only I get severe sudden onset diarrhea, moderate cramping, and moderate nausea for two days. It's to the point where I'm having diarrhea and cramping but I've already eliminated my bowels completely and so yea gross, painful etc... (don't feel the need to go into any more detail on that). I did some light googling and realized that this isn't normal and can be a sign of endo on the bowels. Has any one else experienced this? If so, was it confirmed that it was endo on the bowels? TIA.