Disgusting Queefs?? Sex Farts

Dude what the fuck? Queefs?? That's the funniest shit ever!! It sounds like your VAGINA IS FARTING. How is that not hilarious, and unlike a fart it doesn't even smell. Literally just air that's pushed into your vag coming out. If a guy is telling you that it's disgusting then he's out of luck because all girls will queef at some point. So if you two are fornicating nicely and one slips out you want to pause and just be horrified or disgusted? Nah fam, just laugh it off and move on!! I believe sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable so I love laughing and having a good time, not being ridiculously serious about it. If any of you are still embarrassed about it, I'll tell you about my worst queef. So I was going at it with my boyfriend one time and I was in doggy (worst position for queefing) when he gave me a particularly vigorous thrust. In that thrust, the air from my vagina escaped like gawd damn El Chapo, resulting in the loudest queef known to mankind. My queef BLEW HIS PUBES BACK, AND ECHOED IN A CARPETED AND FURNISHED ROOM. Definitely a boner killer but we had one of the best laughs about it. Have fun girls, isn't that what sex is about?