Ouch TMI but kinda funny


So my husband is sweet but absolutely clueless when it comes to pregnancy and what it does to us. He's always grabbing my butt and boobs. Well today he grabs right on to my nipples before I even knew what was happening and I jerked away and grabbed my boobies yelling oooowwwww! He looks at me like deer in the headlights and says what? I said my nipples hurt geez that felt like being stabbed by 1000 needles in each nip. He's like why? I said bc of what you did to me and point at my stomach lol. Poor clueless bastard had no idea he says you can punch me if it makes you feel better. I'm like no but do it again I will and I'll stab you in the titties with a bunch of needles so you know what it feels like.

Sorry it's long but had to share this with someone!