future sister-in-law drinking at her baby shower

To each his own but I'm upset about this. I went to my future sister-in-laws baby shower today. (My brother-in-law is engaged to her) As I'm walking in the door to the shower, I see her hold up a wine glass and the hostess filling it up with wine. My family has seen her drink before when she first announced that she was pregnant. Now she's 7 months pregnant. She see's nothing wrong with it, and has even said that she's not gonna stop eating and drinking stuff just because she's pregnant and everything in moderation- blah blah. Well a little back story, my brother-in-law is a recovering addict and still drinks and smokes weed regularly. I have a feeling that she too has had some sort of addiction issues in the past based on her behavior. I just can't get over the fact that she drinks openly in front of us/ behind us being pregnant. I'm ttc #2 for 18 months and would give anything to be pregnant. I didn't even stand in front of the microwave when I was pregnant let alone eat or drink anything that the dr. told me not to!