Am I overreacting ? Or what more can I do ? lol 🤔😩😭😠😤😡

SneakzA7X 💅🏻💪🏽 • Life is tough, my darling .. But so are you 💪🏽
I hate .. Just absolutely hate when I text my SO and he doesn't reply . I get he works and sleeps and when he wants to step out, it's cool . I don't care . But when I text him, he doesn't reply for hours but he's posting shit on Snapchat or whatever .. After I've told him it bothers me, he still does it . Like how can I not have less than a minute of your time to be like "hey, I'll text you after so and so" .. Cool . But damn, it just irks me, lol .. But when I do that cause I'm at work or something, he wants to pull the where were you ? What were you doing ? Why didn't you reply ? Bullshit, lol .. Should I just brush it off ? He says he's trying to work on that but nothing changes -.- .. I'm losing it .