Labor -LONG

I already have a little boy. He is 3 1/2. So it has been quiet a while since I have been in the delivery room. My memories are quite faint cause of all the pain killers. And then I totally tripped on Ambien. (That sleeping medicine). Anyway. I can't recal much of my actual labor cause I was so exhausted from the week before, being in and out of the ER from contractions. Never getting any sleep the day and a half before they finally have me my own room. So I was on the verge of passing out. Well being my first, my friend was there, and I was nervous of course. she didn't pressure me into an epidural, but I was kind of scared by what she was saying. So I got one anyway. Well, my Dr. thought I was already given my epidural so he broke my water. I had not gotten my epidural yet. I also was already on Pitocin for maybe 2/3 hours. But I didn't feel crazy pain yet. So the Dr. broke my water, and I started feeling real contractions. I felt them for about 40 mins before I got my epidural. I just can't really truely remember how terrible they were. I say now that I think I can manage and just breathe my way through this delivery. But I'm so scared I'm going to be in so much pain that I can't breathe. I DO NOT want another epidural. The aftermath was terrible. I HATED not being able to move. I couldn't walk around. I couldn't get up to pick up my baby. I hated having to wait for it to wear off. Plus by the time I went home, my tailbone was SO sore from sitting so long. I want to be able to move around after. My labor was only 5 hours in all. So I'm hoping this baby comes quick too. But my question is, how bad was your contractions? I say I remember but at the same time, it's been almost 4 years. I'm a little scared, but only of the pain. Lol.