My stupid bf

Last night me and my boyfriend had an argument about me and my friend talking about our periods and vagina health in his car. He said it was disrespectful and that he feels like a female when I do it around him (when it's actually because I just feel really comfortable talking about this stuff around him). He got really angry and pulled over and put me out his car, as I was grabbing my purse I slammed the door and he called me a "fucking hoe." That made me so angry I kicked his car and put a dent in it. He saw the dent after he tried me tried to get me back in the car and got more upset (his car is pretty brand new). So on the way home he said something else along the lines of "this is what I get for dating a black girl." (His ex and only other gf was Hispanic.) So basically I'm just confused on what I should do, he said some pretty hurtful things, out of anger yes but idk I would never say things like this to him. I just need some opinions from you ladies!