3 month old driving me crazy

I feel like a horrible mom. I've been actually getting upset to the point where I have to put my baby down and walk away. I only leave him for maybe five minutes , but I just can't handle how horrible he has been lately. He used to sleep really good, now he's awake all night, he wants me to bounce him and when I stop he wakes up, and his naps nursing the day are maybe 30 minutes
. So the past two weeks I've been getting 3 hours of sleep at the most at night, I just have lost it this weekend and I feel like a failure. I don't have the patience today to rock him to sleep and keep rocking him so he will stay alseep. I'm tired this weekend, and I feel like a bad mom, he's also being super crazy kicking and flailing when I change him. He never used to do that😭😭 I think I just need a good cry. I'm frustrated with myself and my baby, and I hate feeling this way.