Upset Shower- where are all my friends now?

Kayla • 20 with the most perfect family. Blessed with one handsome husband and one perfect little chunky 9month old baby girl.
I spent a month planing it with my cousin we invited everyone I knew on Facebook! Night before the shower Facebook said yes-63 maybe-52 so we went out and bought tons of food! We were up all night making sure everyone would get a party favor and that the games would all have prizes to win. At 11 I started getting ready the shower that started at 1. Everyone started texting me saying they couldn't make it and that they would meet up with me and bring the gift later. By 12:45 I had received over 30 messages I was so upset the shower hadn't even started and no one was coming! Honestly I was devastated, this wasn't just a baby shower but an opportunity for me to see and catch up to all the people I haven't got to see before me and my husband move an hour away! I was even telling people not to bring a gift just stop by and say hi! By 3:45 no one had came it was so upsetting. I mean not a single person came! Just me my cousin my husband and my mom. I sat and cried by the pool while my mom called everyone she knew begging them to come by and eat. My cousin said let's wait it out and I'll let people know that they can drop by when they get off work and eat. My own family didn't come. At 6:30 one girl showed up in her work uniform and I was so excited! I haven't seen her since I was in middle school. She stayed until about 7:45. By 8 I was ready to go I was so upset, I honestly felt bad for the fact my cousin spent over 200 on food and my mom spent 100 on drinks and stuff. They could of used that money for a big gift for me... I left around 8:30 with a bag of clothes a box of diapers and a swing my mil had sent us with. I didn't care about the gifts or anything. I mean with or without a shower I was gonna have what I needed my husband and I would make it work regardless. It's just the fact of everyone lied to me yes some of them had to work but on snapchat some of them spent the day on the lake, drinking, or shopping. I was so heartbroken and kinda still am. I'm due on the 19th of October and since my upset shower, not a single person has texted me or checked on me to see how the baby or I am. My husband quickly realized that it's been bothering me and has been really stepping up and making me feel better. He's been sending me off to go shopping while he's at work so I'm not just sitting at home alone and upset 24/7. I already know all the people who didn't come to the shower or haven't talked to since will ask to come to the hospital when she gets here and honestly I will probably say no. They haven't even tried to contact me this whole time. I just couldn't believe it still don't. I mean before I got pregnant I was never home always out with friends. My husband said you are pregnant you don't drink anymore, you don't go out parting anymore either, and you aren't there to pay for everything. It hit me, all those times I hung out with everyone it was always me driving, or me paying, me cleaning up after them, me making sure they got home safe, me taking care of everyone. They all called me momma bear and it makes since now. Now that I'm not there they don't have anything to do with me. I have no one just my husband and what little family I do have. 😔
The more I think about it and talk to my husband about it the better I feel. I'm 19 we live in a 2000square foot 3bedroom home(it may be an hour away from where we grew up but oh well), we both have cars paid off(may not be the nicest but it's reliable), we have food everynight(may not go out to eat often but we eat good), and our daughter will be here with us soon and that makes us beyond happy! I'm blessed and don't need them anyways.. They will all be mad when I don't allow anyone to see my daughter but I'd rather not have them in my life.