😩over it 😩

Tia • 1st time mommy 💕 09-22-16 I can't wait to meet my baby girl ❤️👶🏾👣
I went to labor and delivery last night I was having contractions all day  I was setting down on my couch and I stood up and suddenly felt ALOT OF PRESSURE going towards my lower stomach  then all of a sudden I felt something wet trickling down my legs I look down I panic thought it was my water that broke  I woke my husband up  and rush to labor and delivery my contractions weren't unbearable but they were getting a little bit more intense and closer together anyways I get they they hook me up to Monitor my baby's heartbeat and my contractions and took my blood pressure and all that stuff stick a Q-tip in my private part in to test it and see if my water broke all that happen my contractions started to go away and the nurse came back and told me my water didn't break I must've Peed on myself I was soo embarrassed lol! My due date is Sep.22  I'm 38 3 days only 1cm dilated and 60%  I'm not rushing my baby to come I want  her to come when she's ready BUT I'm am to over being prego soo I'm walking today to see what happens  🙄