2 days late

2 days lates,as weird as this question may sound how much should I be freaking out... I have period like cramps on and off for time to time and I have a weird feeling in my stomach, best way I can describe it --if you ever had the stomuch flu that weak feeling you get the next day that have you scared to eat cause you might just upchuck ,that's the feeling i have...im 21 never had "a scare" before so im not sure if I should be taking the 100 meter dash to Walmart for a test or just wait out the rest of the month to see if it comes like my sister told me ... or how to have the "I'm late" conversation with my boyfriend not because I'm scared his gonna be upset, he's older and has a touch of baby fever--(which leads me to believe this is a set up 😂😂)-- and I don't wanna get his hopes up if it's just a change in cycle or something and honestly I don't wanna get my hopes up either