My first child, is my husband.

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We got maternity photos taken today by my sister. He knew this was happening at 10, and still he stayed up all night 7pm-8am gaming. 
We go to the pond, get a couple photos there, come home and I tell him I'm walking across the street to Walmart to do the photos with just me in them while you sleep. he said "no you're to far along" (this is my 38th week) and I calmly told him I was a big girl and gonna do it anyway. He got so frustrated and said "great you're gonna go into labor and I'm gonna be blacked out at home!" 
Firstly I comforted him and said baby comes when he wants there's nothing I can make him do. Secondly if he did come due to my walk across one road, How is that my fault? My hubby knew what we were doing today, he made the decision to stay up anyway. I figure he's just cranky from lack of sleep so I put him to bed and am gonna clean and watch the dogs for 4-5 hours until he wakes up. 
He may be a grown man, but hes the most stubborn child. He's mine tho.