Depressed..35 wks today/ birthday

Charlotte • 💏 + 🎀👶10/28/16 + 🍬👶03/20/18
Today is my 22 birthday. My husband works nights so he slept all day and then left for work and he won't be home until 5am. I can't drive so I can't go anywhere, and all of my friends live far away or are out of town. Iv been up since 8am and iv been just sitting and crying by myself because on the one day I'm suppose to matter just a little bit, I'm all alone. No gifts, no calls, or cards in the mail, not even a txt. I'm huge, slow, and do nothing but pee, I can't drink, I quit smoking when I became pregnant, I have no money to get takeout, or get a cab to go anywhere. I don't even have any prego friends, it's like all of my friends are in there partying stage in life so they're off celebrating themselves and there freedom and being young .......and I'm just a big fat pregnant blob that they all forgot about.