When will the spotting end!!!

I had a misscariage naturally and spontaneously on Aug 27th. My bleeding stopped within a day and picked back up and was like a period for 6 days, still spotting!!!!! Hcg was 2600 5 days ago.... Its taking forever😫😫😫 hcg was 16000 the night I lost my baby so its dropped 14,000 in 10 days. But jeez im,so ready to ttc again and I'm so done with this smell of blood and wearing a freaking pad every day!! I dream about losing my baby every night and I just want to move on💔💔💔 I don't even want to buy a hpt because I'm sure its still like 1000 or something and ill get a blazing positive!! Its just really frustrating I was only 5weeks 3 days I don't know what is taking so long