Baby is here!

Just thought I'd let you all know that our beautiful daughter Rosie Grace Cook arrived on 11/09/2016 at 4:52pm weighing in at 8lb 14oz! Due date was 01/09/2016.
Our hypnobirthing story -I started having regular contractions on the 10th around 5.30pm and started to time them and realised they were getting stronger and regular (every 7 minutes or so) - should probably mention that I had been having contractions for about a week before this which weren't developing into anything so I was glad these had started out! Rang the birthing unit at the hospital and they told me a few things to try, within 2 hours I had phoned them twice back because they were stronger and closer together and they told me to come in for observation (about 10.30pm.)By this point I was very restless and in pain, so she examined me and I was 2cm dilated, slightly disappointing because this is how dilated I was when I saw the midwife on the Tuesday before (6th.) About 2 and a half hours later she checked me again, I was only 3cm and I was really getting myself worked up on why I was progressing so slowly. I had a good old cry, told my mum and husband I couldn't do it anymore and the minute I reached 4cm I wanted an epidural. The midwives gave me some diamorphine so I could get a few hours sleep (worked a dream) but when I woke up the contractions were coming thick and fast again. I was more determined at this point and pulled myself together. 9 hours later (flew by) I had had several baths, walked, been on the birthing ball, been in the birthing pool and I asked the midwife to check me again (I had in my mind that anything over 5cm and I would be happy) she told me I was the full 10cm dilated and was in total shock that I was doing this on my own with no pain relief whatsoever! I was so calm, confident and in control, it was amazing! She also said that baby was back to back and I tried my best to push her out with no luck and her heart rate started to drop, I needed forceps. This was not what I had planned and I was totally gutted, I had another wobbly and really felt like I had failed after doing so well. My main concern was staying in control, having choices and being treated like a human being. I had to wait 45 minutes whilst having contractions (which were also being boosted - still no pain relief, even though I was practically being begged by the nurse to have gas and air!) I was then wheeled down to theatre and it turned out it was an old colleague of mine doing the forcep delivery! I had to have a spinal block and I can honestly say I am happy with my delivery and not dissapointed in myself at all! Things didn't go to plan, no, but I did something wonderful and bought our daughter into the world - how can I not be happy about that?
Hypnobirthing really helped me and if you want pain relief or not I honestly would recommend it to anyone!