Venting/ needing unbiased opinions

Ok so I've kept the fact that me and my SO are TTC kind of quiet(only told my bff and sister) when I told my sister 2 months ago I've stepped up my game by getting ovulation strips and pressed she kinda giggled at me, saying I'm going to turn into a "one of those woman" meaning getting pregnant obsessed. I brushed it off as a joke. Well about a month after she told me she was pregnant, I asked her when she took the test and she said she didn't she just knew. And went on about baby names and that she hopped it was a girl and in mid sentence stops and is like "omg listen to me going on about being pregnant and your trying so hard and have fertility issues. I'm so sorry". Well I doubted her at first and told her to just get a test (in the past she said she was pregnant a few times when she really wasn't) I thought she was only saying she was because I was trying and she knows I struggle with fertility. Well turned out she was and ended up having a miscarriage, although I didn't tell her how I felt or what I though I still felt like a huge asshole. Well ever since her miscarriage it seems as though she's trying to get me to stop TTC. Saying things like "oh your to heavy and won't have a healthy pregnancy, your going to end up with diabetes, because of your weight your likely to miscarry, your struggling with you weight now can you imagine how big you'll be after the baby." I'm trying to be sensitive to her situation, I'm sure hearing I'm expecting after her loss would be hard but I feel like she was agents it from the moment I told her. Its getting to the point where she's really hurting my feelings and I'd just like to tell her stfu. I've been ignoring her calls because I just don't want to hear I wrong for being super pissed? How do I tell her how she's making me feel with out hurting her due to her resent loss?