I feel bad for my significant other ( WARNING it's very long )

Jamie • Happily married! 💍4-2-17💍
I'm almost 2weeks pp and I ended up getting sick and having a fever. I haven't been eating and I've been weak.
Two nights ago I ended up getting up from our room to go to the bath room and had a ringing in my ear and the sound got very muffled and I felt sick. So after I was done I quickly flushed and ended up stumbling out of the bathroom into the hallway which my significant other ended up being and followed me into the room which I ended up stumbling to the wall which I hit my head on a shelf and I sat down.
Quickly got my mom ( we are finically set so we are staying with my parents but we are all in good hands and have a very loving home. They actually perfered us to stay 5 years to make sure we are stable and have enough money to move out ) she said I just need to gain my strength back. Said I don't have a fever anymore and for me to eat.
I ate a few bites and my stomach got upset so I stopped. 
Today I wanted to take a shower so my significant other had my mom watch the baby. I was taking a shower and he was trying to take a shit lol and I ended up sitting down because I was getting light headed. So after he was done he got in and helped me up. I finished rinsing off my hair and kissed him and then quickly held onto him. Telling him I needed to sit down. The sound became muffled and the ringing started. I started to lose my sight. I remember him trying to help me out so I could sit down but all I remember is sitting down in the tub with his arms wrapped around me and his head next to mine. 
He said I went limp and he held my head so I wouldn't hit it against the metal in the tub. 
After I regained my focus he just held his head against mine as I tried to regain what happened.. 
I feel so bad I'm putting him through all of this. I love him to death and I'm so great full to have him. He's helped me out so much.