I have a small dilemma.. *Long sorry*

🐚Shimmering • Lucian was born 10/5/26 @ 1:29 am!

Okay so I'm 34 weeks tomorrow and I'm in the process of getting our hospital bags together now that I actually have some baby clothes etc.

My dilemma is: My fiancé was in a wreck last week and totalled his truck- our only vehicle. Luckily his dad is allowing him to borrow his car to get to and from work until we find a new vehicle. I don't exactly know how to have my bags in the vehicle in case of an unexpected hospital run because there's a number of vehicles I am in on any given day. During the week 5:30am to 4:30pm my DH is at work. Most the time I'm at home with his oldest sister but her truck has no storage space. Sometimes I'm with my aunt and/or cousin so there's another two vehicles. And then sometimes I'm with our friend because he occasionally takes me to doctor appointments.

How can I have my bags readily at hand at any given moment if I spontaneously need to run to the hospital?

DH can probably keep his bag in the car with him but what about mine and baby's?

Please bare with me. I'm an ftm and I'm very nervous and frazzled about it being so close to time. The answer may be right in front of me but I'm just too nervous to see it.

Don't be rude please.